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Cyber security: do it yourself or outsource?

An important question, especially after the new GDPR law came into force on 25 May 2018. This is not just a technical question but also an organisational question. Which option is preferable? You could arrange for it yourself if there is sufficient knowledge at hand. But this is often not the case. You may also wonder if there is enough awareness in the company regarding this subject and whether you have enough manpower and budget to implement sound cyber security measures. It requires a lot from organisations. Implementing a firewall and providing workspaces with antivirus software is necessary but no longer enough.

Reputational damage as a result of cyber crime.

Entrepreneurs often think that their security is up to date, but research shows that there is still a lot to be gained in this respect. Apart from that, the danger of cyber crime and potential resulting reputational damages are underestimated. And this is a great risk. You may think it will not happen to you, but there are plenty of examples where cyber criminality caused a lot of damage. And once (negative) news can be found online, it stays online forever. So it is extremely important to prevent this!

To decide whether cybersecurity should be outsourced, the current state of cyber security needs to be assessed. There are various tools available to better protect your network and company against cyber crime. So allow yourself to be properly informed when deciding about your cyber security policy.