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Cyber security is not a ready-made product.

‘We deal with cyber security because we have antivirus software and a firewall’. This is a common remark from SMEs. We notice that proper cyber security often transcends the knowledge of SMEs. Cyber security is not a standard, ready-made product and every organisation requires its own individual policy. That is why we, as an IT partner, believe that informing and supporting our clients with solid security policies will always remain important.

Research shows that SMEs are willing to implement proper security measures. The awareness increases, but it often stops there. The necessary knowledge to address and maintain a solid cyber security is often not available while the management also not always realises its importance.

However, this should be the case. More and more large(r) companies expect their partners and suppliers to have a proper cyber security policy. The reputational damage caused by an cyber attack or data leak is so substantial that companies want to prevent that. Not just for themselves, but for their partners as well.

Therefore, awareness and education remain necessary. For companies (especially SMEs) it is important to first make an inventory of the current situation. When this is clear, it will be much easier to see what is required to establish a good cyber security policy.

In order to do this, it would be good when SMEs can get a clear understanding of what is expected from them. After all, cyber security is not just a ‘technical party’; it must be implemented throughout the entire organisation and employees must know what is expected of them. Furthermore, it is an ongoing, progressive process which continuously needs improvements. A company with lacking or inadequate cyber security is not just an easy target for criminals, but partners will also be less likely to choose a party that has its cyber security not in order. And then we are not even considering the fines you risk after 25 May, when the GDPR came into effect. So, get informed in time and be prepared. This will be beneficial for everyone.