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Direct insight in your cyber risks with the cyberscan from ThreadStone.

With the online Cyber scan you have a direct and complete insight in the cyber risks for your company. The scan will include a number indicating the status of your security level. In the corresponding report you’ll find a detailed overview with the specifics on the weak spots we have found in your security.


Direct insight

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Did you know that research has shown that in 3 out of 4 companies cyber security isn’t well organized?

Every day, these companies risk their confidential information ending up into the wrong hands. Your companies information, but also your customers information. With the Cybers can you immediately know if your company is at risk too We provide insight into the risks and concrete action points.

This gives you a grip on the cyber risks and threats

Benefits of Cyberscan

  • Online network scan
  • A useful report immediately
  • Insight into your cyber risks
  • Now a 50% discount (with discount code)
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With a combination of the Cyberscan and the Endpoint Security solution, you map the risks of your company. It gives you the tools you need to take effective measures.
Our software is designed to solve the problems of tomorrow. This way our software is always ahead of problems of the future and your sensitive business information is always protected in the best possible way. This ensures your business continuity and enables you to work on increasing your business continuity.
First of all, your privacy-sensitive business information is given the best protection available in this area. And second, you fully comply with the strict requirements of the GDPR legislation. Good to know for yourself, but also for your clients and partners.