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EDR Endpoint Security

Structural resilience against Cyber Threats with Ragiox.

Endpoint Security means that every PC or server (endpoint) is protected against al cyber threats. Our advanced software recognizes different patterns and intervenes and thus prevents attacks, including those of tomorrow. With Endpoint Security your confidential business information is protected against external threats.

EDR Endpoint security

For every endpoint within your company you need a license. You can easily purchase this license through the webshop of our partner Ragiox. When the application comes in, we immediately get started! You will receive an activation e-mail that step-by-step explains how the installation works. Installation completed?

Then you and every endpoint within your company are protected against all forms of cybercrime. Now and in the future.


Benefits of EDR Endpoint

  • PC / Server protected
  • Only a few clicks to install
  • Annual license
  • Now with a 20% discount
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Our software is designed to solve the problems of tomorrow. This way our software is always ahead of problems of the future and your sensitive business information is always protected in the best possible way. This ensures your business continuity and enables you to work on increasing your business continuity.
First of all, your privacy-sensitive business information is given the best protection available in this area. And second, you fully comply with the strict requirements of the GDPR legislation. Good to know for yourself, but also for your clients and partners.