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Have your Apple ID and iCloud been hacked?

Then you may have ransomware on your iPhone.

Ransomware is a digital blackmailing method that uses malware and which occurs increasingly often. Windows computers are sensitive to it, although Apple computers definitely dealt with this as well. Ransomware is a programme (so-called malware) that blocks a computer or the stored data stored. The user is then ‘summoned’ to pay for the unblocking of the computer or data.

OS X (macOS) and iOS are properly secured against this, but every once in a while, images surface on the internet that show a blocked iPhone or iPad.

Ransomware on your iPhone?

Your iPhone or iPad suddenly shows a message on the access screen in which you are asked to pay a certain amount to “unlock” your phone. Even so, you can still use your device because, as we already said, it is nearly impossible to install a virus on your iPhone or iPad. That is to say, as long as you use the official Apple software.

iCloud en Apple ID gehackt

When you see this kind of message appear on your device, there is something wrong with your iCloud (Apple ID). Your iCloud account has been hacked, enabling the hacker to use “Find my iPhone”. The hacker can now set your phone in the “lost mode” and place a message on the screen.

This way, the hacker tries to make you pay. When you unlock your device with your access code you will see that nothing is wrong and you can simply use your phone again; the lost mode has been deactivated.


Problem-solving with two-step verification

When this happens, it is recommended to change the password of your Apple ID as quickly as possible. This way, hackers no longer have access to your account.

Additionally, it is important to use a two-step verification for your Apple ID. You log in with your username and password, but also with an additional code. A unique code is sent to your phone number or reliable Apple device. Only you receive this code and a hacker can no longer hack your device.