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Nearly 80% of the websites score insufficiently on cyber security.

The Secure Business Internet Activities campaign has recently started. A necessary campaign, because research shows that around 80% of the websites still score insufficiently when it comes to cyber security. The percentage is a little lower in researched networks, but they are at risk as well.

Fortunately, companies do get more and more involved in cyber security. We see increasingly more firewalls and ‘intrusion detection systems’ on websites and systems. These systems ensure that sessions that involve users are terminated as soon as ‘unusual behaviour’ is detected. The first line of defence seems to be in order. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. This ‘first-line-of-defence’ works on automated scans, but people with ill intentions can still cause harm manually.

To explain what we mean, it is best to make a comparison. Imagine having a large watchdog walking around in your office building. It scares off a group of burglars, but they probably did notice an open window. Now they can try to work around the watchdog and still enter the building. It may be trickier but certainly not impossible.

Increasingly important

It is good that more and more companies indicate they are working on their cyber security. And research shows that this is necessary. Do you not have the knowledge at hand to do this yourself? No problem. Please send us an email or call us for an initial interview. We will gladly let you know how we can help!