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Cyber Specialist Training

Cyber Specialist Training

Many organisations deal with Cyber or GDPR issues. These issues can include:

  • What are adequate technological means?
  • Are we up to date about new technologies?
  • How can we efficiently invest, what budget is required, and how can we properly match risks with responsible and adequate investments?.
  • How do we gain insight?
  • How can we increase the organisation’s commitment when it comes to cyber security?
  • How do we create management policies that comply with the law and standards? Can we realise efficient management?

Has your organisation expanded and will you need to deal with these issues, then we offer our comprehensible training session during which you learn how to get a clear view of this kind of risk management and how to approach it correctly in your company policy. It will also make it easier for you to handle the questions raised above.

We offer a Cyber training programme for the management in which knowledge is gained and strategies are discussed to face cyber risks. This training can be taken at our SQNetworks training centre or at your location. Training is available for one or two half-days. After following this training, you can call yourself a real Cyber Specialist.

Prevention is better than cure

For many organisations, cyber risks are a new feature and it is very tricky to know how to deal with them. That is why we offer our cyber security training. Our Cyber Academy is unique in the way it has been set up to focus on preventing incidents instead of responding to potential incidents. After all, prevention is better than cure. This structure sets our training apart from other cyber security training. Are you interested in this training or would you like to receive further information? Then please contact us now.

Resilient Shield

Resilient Shield focuses on making your organisation resilient against cyber attacks. It is not a question of if a cyber attack may happen, but when? With a few hands-on training sessions, you will be properly prepared for this and reduce the effects of a cyber attack. With this training at international top level, you can immediately raise the cyber security level and get a better control of your organisation. This applies to organisations with both an IT and OT landscape. SQNetworks highly values such a partnership as all change starts with insight, for the employees as well as the management.

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