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GDPR Implementation & Compliance

GDPR Implementation & Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in May 2018, resulting in a new privacy law for the entire European Union. This new regulation entails major consequences for organisations.

Even so, the GDPR also strengthens the privacy rights, increases the authority of supervising bodies, and adds more responsibilities to organisations. To help organisations become compliant with the GDPR, SQNetworks, as an IT/Cyber Specialist, closely collaborates with several partners. These collaborations allow SQNetworks to support its clients with the implementation of changes regarding the GDPR and with the continued monitoring of the compliance in particular. This concerns both legal and technical issues which you must maintain. After all, being GDPR-proof once is not enough, it is a continuous process where you must have continuous control of your organisation and processes.

This is essential as non-compliance can result in heavy fines or sanctions. Needless to say that we want to prevent this and that is why SQNetworks will gladly help you with the implementation and monitoring of all GDPR issues.

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