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On-site Risk Analysis

On Site Management

SQNetworks has various options to make the risks regarding cyber threats in your organisation more transparent, after which they can be dealt with. One of our Solutions is the On-Site Risk Analysis.

When your organisation has more than 50 employees or when you have, for example, multiple locations, we often advise an on-site cyber risk analysis instead of an online risk analysis. This analysis maps out the risks for your network. The main difference is that this analysis not only provides insight into the cyber risks, but they are also immediately translated into attack scenarios, network risks, and a business report by an SQNetworks specialist.

In our experience, many risk scans do not offer clear or usable information to organisations. The On-Site Risk Analysis makes the risks transparent, not just from a technical point of view, but also with respect to operational and business risks and data leaks. Additionally, it provides information about how the latest current affairs in the outside world can realise and impact on your organisation With this analysis, you maintain control of your changing organisation, which gives you have an automated system that makes an inventory of the processes regarding risk management for ISO 27001-2 and for GDPR  compliancy. Contact us now to start your on-site cyber risk analysis!

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